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When crime rears its ugly head, DICK TRACY is always there to protect our streets and keep us safe. Created by Chester Gould during the bad old days of Capone and Dillinger, the fictional detective was the first of his kind in the comics. Soon some of the most grotesque and flamboyant criminals of all time came to battle him, and always went away in handcuffs or worse. He has always been a step ahead of real law enforcement, starting with his two-way wrist radio all the way to police computer networks.

MIKE CURTIS brings a new outlook to TRACY, from his years in real life law enforcement. He’s been in comics beginning with RICHIE RICH and CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST.

SHELLEY PLEGER is a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator from the Pacific Northwest who has worked on various freelance comics projects, most notably, re-creating classic comics for Disney Gemstone. A digital artist, Shelley has always appreciated the classic brush-inked comics style and strives to bring this quality into her current work for Dick Tracy.

SHANE FISHER does the Sunday colors and other work on TRACY and is a graduate of the prestigious Kubert School of Cartooning. LT WALT REIMER is the all-important police advisor for the strip. He provides correct procedure and weaponry for the team and has almost 30 years in the service.

CHARLES ETTINGER, a native of Memphis, TN, Charles has a long history of illustration work including children’s books, comics and graphic design. Currently living in Colorado, he is quickly becoming part of the art community and hopes to guide the next generation in the art of comics.

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