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Eyebeam is a long-running strip that embraces the surreal. The title character Eyebeam is a sarcastic, rail-thin attorney prone to spontaneous hallucinations. His girlfriend Sally is an assertive, fun-loving artist with hair that often extends infinitely into the past. In the long life of the strip, it has gone through phases as a character-driven comic saga with soap-opera like plot turns, and at other stages is prone to stand-alone strips and single-panel gags. Eyebeam is always attempting to explore the absurdity of existence through the uniquely elastic reality of the cartoon medium.

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Eyebeam: An attorney who would rather be doing something else. Prone to spontaneous hallucinations which, to him, seem a perfectly practical way to cope with an absurd world.

Sally: Eyebeam’s life companion. She’s assertive, artistic, and her hair has a surreal tendency to float indefinitely into previous panels, which is to say, the past. She has an unabashed crush on Humphrey Bogart.

Ratliff: Sally and Eyebeam’s buddy from way back, and sometimes housemate. His Spirit Animal is a cold lump of mashed potatoes on the kitchen counter.

Rod: A “take charge” kind of guy. Self assured, self satisfied, brimming with bullshit.

Hank the Hallucination: Has a lot of opinions for a being who doesn’t actually exist. Caution- he can be a little touchy about the non-existence thing.

The League of Slime: Aspiring master criminals whose goal it to to be Public Enemies numbers 1 through 8. They would be doing well on their best day to pull off minor misdeeds such as loitering.

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