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"Frog Applause reminds one of learning to read, in the sense that each word in the captions seems 'surprising' and new. Teresa's writing takes one back to that fresh state of mind (typical of, but of course not limited to, childhood) in which the brain, free of preconceptions, doesn't 'fill in' any blind spots along the way but rather wholly embraces the present moment as it unfolds. Every sentence is literally an imagination-expanding adventure." — Craig Conley, author of One-Letter Words: A Dictionary (HarperCollins)


I love FROG APPLAUSE.  It’s part of my nightly going-to-work ritual, warming up my synapses. I appreciate an eye for the specific that can allude to either the metaphorical or the material, and cannot be constrained or narrowly defined.  I like chaos.  I love randomness that has something to say, even though I’m not always sure what it’s saying. I’m a sucker for Victorian advertising, and I like the juxtaposition of wit, humor and irony with flashes of raw emotion. That’s a lot for a comic to do, but FA does it! — Diana Gabaldon, Ph.D.  (No, it’s not a degree in either English or History.  It’s in Quantitative Behavioral Ecology (that’s animal behavior with a lot of statistics; don’t worry about it.)   Author of a lot of stuff, including Walt Disney comics, scholarly journal articles and monographs, innumerable articles on scientific computation and software, and—for the last thirty-three years—the Outlander novels, novellas and appurtenances, including the occasional script for the eponymous TV show based on my books.


Every "Frog Applause" comic is a wonderful hit of surreal dopamine. The juxtapositions of image and text always spur new connections. "Frog Applause" is like a multivitamin for your creative mind. Take one or more daily. ---Erin McKean, founder of Wordnik.com, previously Editor in Chief of American Dictionaries (Oxford University Press), and author of the "Weird and Wonderful Words" series and the best-selling novel "The Secret Lives of Dresses". 

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