About Petunia & Dre

Petunia & Dre is a spin-off of the popular slice of life comic NEUROTICA by Allison Garwood (NEUROTICA, Haikue Ewe) featuring Petunia Insect and her son Dre Insect. The strip follows the ups, downs, and sidewayses (sidewaysen? sidewix? sidewee?) of a transracial mom and son. Petunia and Dre adore each other, but the teenage years are … complicated. 

Allison Garwood is a Cartoonist and Beast-Mode Mom in Southern California. Petunia & Dre tells the story of Allison’s relationship with her real life son as they navigate the world and its reaction to their transracial family. Allison hopes the world will accept her invitation to celebrate love in all shapes, colors, and forms. She lives with her son, her husband, and two poorly behaved dogs named Leroy and the Captain.


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