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  1. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    You can’t determine the difference between a personal view and history. BTW there is no such ethnicity as Palestinians. Their so called history is a fake.

  2. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    No I wouldn’t. However that’s a personal view. I certainly wouldn’t claim, ethically, that we deserve to keep America forever.

  3. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    Give me a break… As I said before, the land belonged to the Jews a long time before. As I’ve said in a number of posts, it’s a waste of time to try and determine who owned any particular piece of land.

  4. over 9 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Why don’t y’all just admit that possesion is 9/10 law. It has been the case since the start of human culture. Come on, live wih it.BTW Iran still can’t live the fact they are no longer a world power. France has the same problem, although not to the same extent.

  5. over 9 years ago on ViewsAsia

    Over the time I’ve been on this board, you have consistently attacked organized religion. Now, you might not disbelieve in organized religion; however, you give non belief a good showing.

  6. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    I’m sorry, but the Jews lived there first. That was my original point. Folks have taken over quite a few lands or do you think we ought to give America back to the indians.

  7. over 9 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Why in the hell do they have a RIGHT to Israel? Everyone has killed over most of the world. Your comment is worthless.

  8. over 9 years ago on ViewsLatinAmerica

    There are reasons to keep secrets. They can damage ops; however, you don’t care.

  9. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    All of those countres have been proclaiming how much they care about the Palestinians but they don’t want them in their country.

  10. over 9 years ago on Ken Catalino

    EryxWe have plenty of evidence that our bombs work. I don’t know what dream world you’re living in.