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  1. about 10 years ago on Marmaduke

    to go have a drink of water………in the bathroom!!

  2. about 10 years ago on Gary Varvel

    Nothing wrong with selling anything, as long as it is a fair deal and in this instance, if the “product” consent.

  3. about 10 years ago on Ted Rall


  4. about 10 years ago on Marmaduke

    what a POS this guy is, just look at Marm’s face, how can you possibly get mad at that?!!

  5. about 10 years ago on The Knight Life

    how a about “whoop whoop its the sound of the police….”

  6. about 10 years ago on Brewster Rockit

    a clipboard, man that’s old school!

  7. about 10 years ago on Jerry Holbert

    “There’s very little I could find about pleasure in hell. What little I could isn’t good”

    Yes that is true, and even the “pain” part in heaven is rather superficial at best. So unless our brain chemistry to the core were to be changed, it is not possible for places like heaven and hell to exist. And of course if our brain were to be changed somehow then that is not US anymore now, are we?

    “God grieving” I wonder if he grieved during the moment of drowning, or did that happened millennia ago! (not being snarky :)

    “If a wife knows her husband is going to order a vanilla shake at Sonic”

    Not the same. Here is why, remember I asked, "was there ANY point in god’s existence he did not know what you will do tomorrow. In the wife example, there was a point when she did not know. That is the difference between just knowing the “future” vs. a fixed future.

    Good discussion btw.

  8. about 10 years ago on [Deleted]

    Why do you think that was a snarky comment? It is a legitimate point, why would an omniscient being anguish? does that make any sense. Perhaps you are not so comfortable with your “beliefs”. And for the record I don’t believe anything without sufficient evidence or reason, and if I do I give you permission to disrespect it.

    Just a food for though: Was there a point of “time” in god’s existence, when “he” did not know what you are going to do tomorrow. If the answer is no, then do you truly have free will. If the answer is yes, then he is not much of a god is he!

  9. about 10 years ago on [Deleted]

    I would, would also like you to list passages where it says, there is pleasure in hell, thank you. “God anguish”, he didn’t see it coming? really I thought he knows everything!!

  10. about 10 years ago on [Deleted]

    Give me a reference that states otherwise.