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A cheerfully immature 50+ male. The Avatar is the sign I carried to Rally for Sanity/Fear in Wash. D.C. where Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert spoke/ performed. A Nine Issue Voter- Clean Water/Air/Food, Wild places, Children's education/health, Active Military/Veteran/Family Support/Care, Infrastructure improvement/maintenance; NASA & asteroid/meteor interception/diversion technology, and others.

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  1. about 8 years ago on Lalo Alcaraz

    I heard one person say one shooter had a police record. If this is true, then he acquired his weapon from a straw buyer, a gun show where background checks don’t happen, a private owner, or he stole it. The cartoon suggests that the police gun has it’s ‘sight’ on blacks. As long as police are underpaid, undertrained, and in some of our 18k police districts, undereducated… there will be police who thru bigotry, ignorance, or carelessness accidently shoot a person. It is sad so many recent videos show police using deadly force in cases where it was not needed.The hate speech being used by both sides of our 2 party oligarchy is raising tensions and encouraging minorities to distrust police and police to feel like targets … even the very best of our police. We need to ratchet down the hate, and speak to one another with respect and courtesy. We also need citizens to have jobs that pay a living wage so they can pay taxes that will properly pay police and other first responders as well as having more control in their lives. With a feeling that we are secure, we can be more tolerant when an occasional tragedy occurs.Black lives matter. Police lives matter. LIVES matter.Respectfully,C.

  2. about 8 years ago on Nick Anderson

    Bruce, the NRA was once a noble community minded organization that taught gun safety and supported the rights of hunters and sportsmen. It disapproved of military style weapons, even supporting bans at one time. In the last decades, it has abandoned its original mission and is now a lobbying arm for gun makers and individuals who look at the 2nd amendment and believe it means any citizen can have any kind of weapon and as many as they want.“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”Where are the well regulated militias? The ability of the Federal and State gov’t to regulate guns is laughable despite strident voices saying their guns are being taken away from them. “…the right of the people to Bear Arms… " what kind of arms?My grandfather had three rifles, four shotguns, and three pistols. He taught me to shoot, clean, and respect all of them. Consider this option – citizens who choose to own military grade weapons… AR 15s, gatling guns, civil war cannons … should be required to join a modern day Civil Defense Corp and over the course of a year, groups of these owners should show up for a weekend long training session with their weapons. Local law enforcement in conjunction with National Guard organizations would inspect the guns for safety, just as most of us have our cars inspected. Owners would prove their proficiency with their weapons and be told how, and in what circumstances they would be needed to support local first responders. When 2 heavily armed bank robbers walked down an LA street, police were so outgunned, they had to borrow weapons from a local gun shop to stop gunmen. If citizens and police work together, police will be more protective of citizens’ rights and citizens will have more trust of the police.This would constitute “A well regulated militia”, and go far to strengthen each community. And for those paranoid folks, by having these training sessions over the course of an entire year, there could be no mass confiscation of firearms. However, I cannot see a circumstance where police and national guard forces would violate their oaths in order to take ppl’s lawful rights of gun ownership. The oath is to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.That’s the one I would join.Respectfully,C.

  3. about 8 years ago on [Deleted]

    Scott Rigell, R representative for my district chose not to run again after being strongly criticized for his ‘moderate’ positions. Most heavily was he financially punished for standing beside Mr. Obama at Newport News Shipyard at the launch of a new ship. Moderate republicans are unable to get support from the GOP in its current incarnation. That was one reason Ms. Snowe left, she could no longer get support from her own party. How many Americans believe that Ronald Reagan could get elected in our current political atmosphere?Thank you for the quality and tone of your comments. I find you usually take super positions. :)Respectfully,C.

  4. about 8 years ago on Robert Ariail

    Consider Superposition… if either of our two party oligarchy had a truly open method of selecting candidates… a method where the quality of the person mattered more than the quantity of money invested in their selection… we might well have two or more candidates we could vote FOR, instead of being the position of deciding who many of us will vote against. We have truly reached a point where many Americans are “going to do something, even if it’s wrong” in order to force changes in Washington DC. I expect that if Mr. Trump wins, we will one day hear him tell his followers… “go shoot those people… just go shoot them. If you get arrested I’ll give you a Presidential Pardon.” Like Richard Nixon, Mr. Trump will simply say, “It’s not illegal if the President does it.” There is too much recklessness in this country. And so much at stake.Respectfully,C.

  5. about 8 years ago on Nick Anderson

    A bumper sticker read “Not all religious extremists are Muslim” and Winston Churchill said, “A fanatic can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”We now see a time where loyalty to party trumps loyalty to nation. Where loyalty to a perceived ‘philosophy’ – religions, guns, money – trumps loyalty to the precepts of compassion and love that form the foundation of the Bible and Quran, with both books written in the name of the God of Abraham. Our neighbors focus on 1-3 issues that have NOTHING to do with the functioning of state/federal government and ignore collapsing bridges, rocks falling onto cars, dams in critical need of repair, and a power grid using 60+ year old technology. While most nations teach that 2+2=4, religious ppl demand that we teach 2+2=5, because once you add God into the mix… everything changes. The number zero was considered heretical because as long as God existed, there was no such thing as “nothing”. It wasn’t until after the 11th century zero became accepted in Europe. Education is the only weapon a civilized society has against bigotry, hate, and violence. Mr. Trump has stated on video, after one of his primary wins, “We LOVE the uneducated.” I fear he is not alone.Respectfully,C.

  6. about 8 years ago on Nick Anderson

    Thank you, Mr. Fawkes. It is always good to remind ppl who believe they know what the founders thought on issues to see such quotes. Pres.Washington stated that political parties would divide and weaken the nation and that the USA was not formed in anyway to be a Christian nation, though Mr. Washington himself was a deeply religious man. Pray for people, don’t prey on them might have been his position. It is also sad to see how many of our neighbors are unaware that Muslims worship the same God as Jews and Christians, or that Jesus is revered as a prophet in the Quran. Thank you again for your lucid and respectful thoughts.Respectfully,C.

  7. about 8 years ago on Robert Ariail

    Please explain something to me Ji2m…There have been many stories of republicans who cheated on their spouses, by one account, 3x more than democrats. Are ALL of those wives who stayed with their “Billandering” husbands enablers because they didn’t leave them? Also, according to Ambassador Steven’s own aides, he chose the site where he and three others died in Benghazi. He was warned that it was not a well protected location. He counted on local Libyan forces to provide external security. Ms. Clinton did NOT send him to this location. She had no authority to send military resources to his aid once the account began. She did NOT tell the President to hold back his response. I have read much of this event and the only thing Ms. Clinton did wrong was to send a representative to the Sunday morning news programs who gave information unsatisfactory to the Republicans who were actively and daily searching for ways to embarrass and weaken the President. The right wing media, acting as public lobbyists on behalf of their ‘side’ picked up the message and told it their way until people like you and many others ‘knew’ it was the truth. It was on the tv, the radio,the internet… how could it be a lie? The fact is, 2+2=4…. but the republicans want you to spread their message that in this case, 2+2=5 as they add Ms. Clinton’s name to equation.Mr. Clinton was a philanderer, and his wife forgave him. Case closed. Mr. Clinton lied under oath about this matter and therefore exposed himself to being the president who became the first one impeached in US History. Tho Congress still did not remove him from office. Case closed.There are things in Ms. Clinton’s past that are worthy of questions and which make me wish their were other choices for president. I’m doing more research on the libertarian candidate currently. Every lie is two lies — the lie we tell others and the lie we tell ourselves to justify it. ~Robert BraultI suggest you have been lied to, Ji2m, and they have decided the ends they seek justifies the lie they told you.and from an unknown source“The only thing worse than a lie is a lie told as a truth.” If you find any inaccuracies in my above statements, please let me know and present your citations from objective sources. I trust FOX only a little less than I do MSNBC as both have agendas representing a side. I would not want to present information I believe is true if it is actually untrue.Respectfully,C.

  8. about 8 years ago on Robert Ariail

    Thank you for your excellent observation, Mr. Connelly.It would appear in the court system, we hold to the idea of innocence until proven guilty, but in politics, it is guilty by party preference.Both of our presumptive candidates representing our two party oligarchy are less than ideal choices, but to their bases on the far right and far left, they are much preferable to the other option. It is sad so many neighbors are being turned against each other by these parties and their media lobbyists – MSNBC, FOX, etc…A few years ago, in an off year election, a neighbor asked me to put a sign supporting her candidate for local election in my yard. I told her I wasn’t going to be supporting any of the candidates though I intended to vote against someone. She hasn’t talked to me since, not even when I say hello to her in the local store.When did our loyalty to party become paramount to our loyalty to our nation, and our respect to our fellow citizens … to -“We the People”?Respectfully,C.

  9. about 8 years ago on Nick Anderson

    The Whitewater ‘Scandal’ happened over 30 years ago, Faycodiver. If there were any new revelations to be made, the media, liberal and conservative, would act on it. This story is ongoing because of a suit against Mr. Trump’s university by people who feel they were defrauded, most of whom weren’t even born when Whitewater took place. Whitewater may be a story, if so, I hope it comes out.. however… is Whitewater more important than this current ongoing story having immediate impact on our neighbors? I’m sorry to suggest that you could replace the image of Mr. Trump in this cartoon with the words, “Whitewater! Crooked Hillary!” I do not like our options for President but having seen MANY videos of Mr. Trump saying things that he now says he NEVER said, and having spoken on line with people in Europe and Asia, I would vote for Ted Cruz before I voted for Mr. Trump. I’m beginning to lean towards the Libertarian candidate after hearing him in a recent interview, even tho I do not like the Libertarian platform any more than the other two. You seem to want to protect your candidate from his own past. One wonders how you’ll feel if he become POTUS and immediately reverts to the person who was in favor of Mr. Obama’s gun policies after Sandy Hook, or who was prochoice, or who supported immigrant rights. Are you SURE you KNOW who this man really is?Respectfully,C.

  10. about 8 years ago on Nick Anderson

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/north-korea-says-trump-isnt-screwy-at-all-a-wise-choice-for-president/ar-BBtIW1t?ocid=spartanntp*’nuf said.Respectfully,C.