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  1. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    “… remind the high and mighty Mayor Armstrong about how SHE took a bribe from Oliver Warbucks to . . .”-——————————————————

    And she seemed in 2011 to have an “open pocket” for the late Simon Baux (aka Sweatbox) ! ??In her World if ‘caught’, it’s called “Election Contributions”

  2. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    “. . . punishment should never be applied until someone is proven guilty.”-———————————————-

    Solid point Ken !

  3. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    @ AnyFace

    “Uh …… why exactly did Notta need for Tracy to be ‘out of town’ in order to implement this scheme?”-———————————————————————

    Umm Seems, you’ve ‘backed’ our Author up against a Wall Really no need for Tracy to be “Out of Town” At All ! ?

  4. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    See that LEG up in the Air . . .It ‘frames’, a ‘worrying state’ of Affairs !

    “Menchken!”… Why call his name in vain?This female’s - a ‘lively’ version of the same*!*No hesitating, our Wendy … isn’t waiting Typewriter fingers speeding, no sign of vacillating

    No dismay, in a “Throw Shade” - Crusade You may even ‘glimpse’ the blade, in the way Tracy is portrayed?Her Heart won’t Skip One Beat To take our Dick Tracy off the Street

    Of “sorts,” a reputation ‘gerrymander’One without a dash of candor?Plus a likely SBN TV report - of dirtOr talking ‘manufactured’ slander

    Now what can Tracy DO ?Yet another worry is - Tess’ View ?Will Mayor Armstrong “flex” some Muscle ?And “give” our Hero any Hustle ?

    So many Worries and Questions to revile usWhile Bribery shapes his VirusWill his Matty Squared do a BANKING ‘Scare’ ?If SO, who will investigate? Will the FBI be there?

    If we go on recent “precedent” … better start from now, to pull your HAIR*!*Perhaps. from “anywhere” ?

  5. about 8 years ago on [Deleted]

    _*"You should compile and post some of your research, Syd . . .

    “You should compile and post some of your research, Syd. . . . "-—————————————

    Thanks for your kind remarks Ray, and particularly your ‘opinion’ on my truly unusual experience – back in June 1998 - on taking the same Train Chet Gould regularly travelled on, between Woodstock and Chicago.Can also ‘vividly’ recall “seeing” the (near) train side building,, with it’s ‘sculptured’ poles, which Gould said he used to fashion his Sunny Dell Acres home for B.O. Plenty.It was a rewarding experience to see “first hand” the many (daily?) influences, to which he would be exposed, some of which would emerge in Dick Tracy on occasion.

    A Collection Point for ‘THINGS’ Dick Tracy was really Andy Feighery’s DT Fan Club and it’s Dick Tracy Magazine which included Views, News, and over the years a Complete Reprint of *Gould’s work.Fortunately, thanks to Andy, many readers ‘out there’ have complete’ *Gould collections, but sadly, most will have to wait on IDWFor Example Up ahead, still to be “published” by them is a ‘curious’ sequence, with an indication by Pat Patton that he IS “married” - stating then, that he had a Wife ! ?

    Most will recall that Max Collins ‘married him off’ to Toby Townly during his run.

    But that’s a story for another time ! ;-)

    It’s a bit of a worry that much of the “analysis” of that time,(not me), but from several “knowledgeable” sources will die on the SPEC vine.Even the Dick Tracy Yahoo Board seems to be in a ‘Death Spiral’ ?.The Strips Identity is “masked” with a questionable Central American Indian LOGO that bears no relationship to Dick Tracy and Access to earlier posts is difficult.Had thought of POSTING articles from Andy’s past issues to “revive / stimulate” some interest and activity ! ?.Might still make a try !

  6. about 8 years ago on [Deleted]

    @ Ray Toler

    @ Ken in Ohio-—————————————————————-

    I may have later to stand corrected on this one …But my ‘guess’ is, that TMS doesn’t have a complete Library of Gould’s Dick Tracy work.

    I believe, there are a few complete collections compiled by Collector fanatics’, who *we all have to “thank” for what we read today.One such, was SHEL DORF, and I believe it was considered something of a “triumph” when he “donated” it to the Chester Gould Museum that was in Woodstock..Those might quite possibly be the strip continuity “source” made available to IDW (p)One might note that Jeff Kersten (who still remains connected to the Museum - such as it is) is also a ‘regular’ column contributor to those IDW – DT Publications. He, if he reads this, can likely confirm the source ! ?

    Ken, makes a good point on IDW quality production coming from the ‘less clean’ newspaper prints. But the ‘problem’ was not insurmountableWhen Blackthorne and those DT Comics and (too) Andy Feighery’s (DT Fan Club Magazine reprints) BOTH had a ‘Stable of Artists’ to do neat, clean up corrections to the Art available. Andy Feighery talked of the issue often when he was alive.

  7. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    “. . . I could post my notes here if anyone’s interested. I think I’ll start where the Archives in this GoComics site starts in April 2001, if people want me to put this up.”-——————————————————

    Sharing Dick Tracy research is always a GOOD thing !*

    Will look forward to same !

    Thanks !

  8. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Great PRESENTATION today !

    I’d say - your best to date in rhyme !

    Particularly like . . .

    “Of course we know it’s all a lieDick’s as loyal as mom’s apple pieBut what we see is what we getThe truth is buried when dirt gets wetHe’ll have to prove that what we seeIs not the sin it appears to be”

  9. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Thanks Willy007. for ‘putting up’ those (Gould art) panels (1967/68) of Notta . . .

    They helped satisfy a ‘perception’ I had, that Chet - managed to display a more (visually) “provocative” version of the character, than those we have seen in recent years !

    This is not a critique on Staton’s art which to my eye is appreciated and truly pleasing ! His likenesses of Notta’ feature to the ‘original’ is near ‘flawless’ !

    Where Chet seems to ‘jump* the HURDLE lies in part in his “body positionings”, readily self evident in (your) panels 3 to 11. And I’d say in particular, those in 4 & 5 !

    In it’s “time” (the sixties), they must have seemed ‘alluring’, ‘seductive’, perhaps ‘Over the Top . . . ’particularly’ for the strips Young Readers

    Gould certainly knew how to get those “hooks” into his susceptible(?) readers . . . and as I recall, in his final 15 months, did it (in part) ‘again’ - with Perfume Plenty !

  10. about 8 years ago on Dick Tracy

    " So what kind of irresponsible parole board lets a psycho like Putty Puss loose to blend in with the population"-—————————————————-

    You Nailed it !

    And they have him in “Nursing Home” (?)Apparently, little to no - form of Security Free to Come and Go as he pleases (?)And worse - “unsupervised” !

    This man that has in his resumé over a “Half Dozen” brazen Murders and a mental inclination to “doubleup” !

    HOW did the Authorities ever put him there ?He’d already choked and ‘murdered’ his first Doctor (Mitciv) in 1989 - during a ‘treatment’ escaping Security thereafter, by molding his face to that of the dead Doctor.

    With ‘current’ Nursing Home arrangements, it seems the ‘import’ of those earlier sequences (and killing ‘tendencies’) have been completely “ignored” ? !