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Rudy Park is the barista at the House of Java, where everybody not only knows your name but is all up in your grill. Rudy, a dot-com casualty whose paycheck never recovered, is addicted to high-tech gadgetry. While caffeine-fueled HoJ customers vie for the "Who Can Annoy Rudy the Most" crown, Rudy's boss-the always-do-well-but-ne'er-do-good owner of HoJ-always wins.

Cartoonist Darrin Bell earned his degree in political science at the University of California, Berkeley. His award-winning cartoons have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Oakland Tribune and on "60 Minutes." Although he took a break from editorial cartoons soon after 9/11, he began drawing them again for syndication in 2013. In the '90s, Bell partnered with writer Theron Heir and the two launched Rudy Park. Today, Bell both draws and writes the strip as well as the Candorville comic strip.

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