About The Wandering Melon

When my melon goes off on a free-style cerebral stroll, untethered from the constraints of boring stuff like logic and reason it sometimes just meanders aimlessly for a while and then eventually returns empty handed. Other times however, it comes back bearing some interesting little nuggets. For example; an idea for a weird invention or toy, a goofy little animation, a quirky memory from childhood or a slightly dark gag cartoon. Who knows what the wandering melon is going to drag home from its journeys?!

OK, ok enough of the melon analogies. The Wandering Melon comic is a collection of “art” resulting from whatever ideas pop into my head. This makes it a little hard to categorize but hopefully it will put a smile on your face or at least make you say, “Hmmm, that was odd”.

I hope that you all become HARDCORE and REPEAT Melons!

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