About The Buckets

Art holds a mirror up to Nature. The Buckets come along, turn the mirror on Art and say, “Look how goofy you’re acting. Now get to work, Art. Your kids need an Xbox 360.”

The Buckets comic strip isn’t a parody of family life. Parodies are filled with hearts and rainbows or enraged tirades and dramatic confrontation. The Buckets, though? Nope. Real life, baby. It’s funny because it’s on a page and not in your house at the moment. Next week, when it’s happening to you, you’ll thank us for reminding you that it’s supposed to be funny.

Greg Cravens looks in the mirror and see not himself, but all of us. And then he draws up the silly, grand, goofy, thrilling, utterly human things we do and calls it The Buckets.

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