About Underpants and Overbites

Underpants and Overbites began in 2016 after Jackie discovered the magic of graphic novels. She’d been drawing for ages, but mostly served lattes at her day job. Upon discovering that graphic novels were sooo much more than Spiderman (no offense Spiderman fans), she proceeded to read hundreds and hundreds of them from the teen section of the local library, almost losing her job for tardiness on several occasions. Buried in some magical pages, Jackie determined then and there to write a graphic novel too. So she set to work. Except, she didn’t know where to start. She didn’t even know how to draw the boxes the squiggles go in. So she decided to make comics and figure it out. 3+ years later, Jackie is still making comics and loving it. Turns out she is writing a graphic novel; it’s just one sentence at a time.

Underpants and Overbites has won zero awards, but that’s totally cool. Jackie already feels like a winner in her heart… some days :)


Creator Bio: Jackie E. Davis lives in Rochester, NY in an old single-family home someone chopped up into a bunch of lumpy apartments. Jackie spends her time making enormous pots of soup to eat all week, hanging with friends, bikin’ around (weather permitting) and talking about life with her husband Pat. He lives in the apartment too! But he’s so quiet sometimes she forgets.

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