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Perhaps unsurprisingly, WaynoVision gives its readers a view of the world through the wise-guy eyes the cartoonist known as Wayno (one name only, please.) The artist uses his panel to comment on (and celebrate) the surrealism and absurdity of everyday life, in ways that are sometimes silly, sometimes smart, but always funny.

You never know what sort of characters will pop up in a WaynoVision panel. Clowns, gangsters, monsters, insects, historical figures, dogs, cats, chickens, and advertising & pop-culture icons can appear on any given day.

Reading WaynoVision is like wearing 3D glasses, welder's goggles, and X-Ray specs, while peeking through a damaged kaleidoscope. The world looks vaguely familiar, but unexpectedly distorted at the same time. The feature appeals to educated readers who appreciate high culture as well as lowbrow laffs.

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Awards & Interesting Facts

• In 2010, Animal Friends selected Wayno as Honorary Artist for their Black Tie & Tails gala, which raised over $400,000 for the pet adoption & resource center.

• Wayno was nominated for the National Cartoonists Society Award for product advertising in 2013.

• He sings and plays harmonica & ukulele with The Red Beans & Rice Combo, a rocking rhythm & jazz trio.

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